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Hard Surface Tabletops Available in Many Different Surfaces

Hard surface tabletops, such as marble tabletops, are quickly becoming a necessary addition to a new dining room or kitchen (or one that simply needs some added charm). These beautiful tabletops come in a wide selection of materials, and the color selection is sure to find your approval.

ohio tabletopsDepending on the style of your home, you might want something beautiful and functional such as quartz. As one of the strongest minerals in the world, quartz is stain, scratch, and heat resistant. In fact, diamonds are one of the few things that are harder than quartz (so don’t go throwing diamonds around on your quartz tabletop!).

Quartz is also extremely easy to maintain because of its nonporous nature. The only think you’ll need to do is wipe it off with warm, soapy water or a non-abrasive glass cleaner!

Although quartz is lovely and durable, it is not for everyone. Another very hard nonporous surface option is DuPont Corian ®, which is included in the easy-to-clean hard surfaces. Marble is a popular and time-honored hard surface that continues to be a popular choice for elegant dining rooms. Of course, granite is also a great option for an earthier feel.


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Counterfitters is a professional retailer of hard surface materials, as well as the design and installation required for each hard surface. Contact Counterfitters with any questions you have regarding the design and installation of tabletops or other hard surface installations!

At Counterfitters, we take pride in the complete satisfaction of our customers. We don’t just tell you what you need to know, we explain the materials and the installation process to you so that you understand what the best options are and are able to make an informed decision. We take the extra time to show our customers that we care, so that they are comfortable asking us whatever hard surface or marble tabletop questions they have.

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